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09 三月, 2008

Kuli 说大选

今天马来西亚种族政治和五十年来以单一种族政党结盟的国阵政治方程式是不是面对垮台的历史分水岭? 这是我会在未来几天的选举分析讲座会中询问各位主讲人的问题。

周三在隆雪华堂有一场,而周六 CPPS 会在 Sunway University College。

我认为,Kuli 的选举后的访谈片断可以总结这种 BN racial formula 的特性。

Ku Li: Let’s face the truth

Umno strongman and Gua Musang member of Parliament Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah today said that the heavy losses suffered by BN yesterday puts into question the coalition’s and Umno’s legitimacy and strength.

“We now face a period of uncertainty such as we have never experienced before,” he said in a statement.

He said that the BN has been defeated and shamed on a scale without precedent in the coalition’s history

“Alongside losing our two-thirds majority in Parliament, we have lost a record number of states to the Opposition, including the premier state and the home state of the Prime Minister,” he added.

“BN and Umno's legitimacy and strength have been the bedrock of national unity and of Malaysia's successful development since Independence. All this is now in question.”

“We have won enough seats to form a federal government by simple majority, but because of our losses, including our stunning defeat in the Malay heartland states of Kedah and Kelantan, people are now saying that Umno has lost its legitimacy to represent the Malays.

He added that the other BN component parties have already lost their leadership role as representatives of the other major races of this country.

“This is a historic crisis, and we must face it without further denial, self-deception or media spin.

“To begin immediately the process of restoring ourselves, the leadership team must wake from its slumber, face the truth and accept full responsibility for this debacle.

He added that the electorate's rejection of BN in key areas has serious consequences on the government’s ability to execute the national development plans.

“The honesty with which we interpret this result, and the decisiveness with which we act on it, will determine whether we still have a future with the people, he said.

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