l 科學頑童狂想曲: 回应朱大为



25 十一月, 2007



For me, without appeal and personal testimony from various parties that took part in Sunday gathering, one lambastes such gathering is of no good cause is not justifiable.

I inclined to agree that INDRAF decision to petition The Queen to defend herself in her very own court, together with submission a 18-point memorandum to Abdullah Badawi is more of form than substance. For one, submitting memo to PM is next to throwing it into the sea, in our political context it is quite meaningless. And the idea to sue The Queen is equally silly. I read somewhere, mentioning 4 trillion compounds more than collective value of the London Stock Exchange. So it is impractical to persue a reason man to believe we will eventually win the sue. I, and I consider most if not all friends whose took to the street this Sunday, do not believe that gathering will bring you fortune. What nonsense!

then why gather in KLCC this Sunday?

Gathering with a good cause I say.

I can not deny the right of Malaysian, and especially in this incident the ethnic Indian that made up lower social strata, to express their pledge for better living. If the gathering IS ill-conceived, badly-managed, poorly-executed or even 'vicously-intended', so be it. One should realise Malaysia social movement is long been suppressed by, let me see, OSA ISA PPPA POPO police act trade union act... ... You name it. Historically social movement in Malaysia undergone such a depressive period, I regard what we had experienced in recent months as a critical rehabilitation moment, overlaps between the past and the better future. True may gathering not the best-organised, that means we need no more than mass control experience, something we learn from organising and participate in more or these rallies.

It is misleading to say the gathering does not meant to be peaceful. What kind of slogan the gathers chant? What kind of placard they carry? What kind of message they signify? Mr Chu is too quick to ignore the fact the gathers are defendless against troupe of armored FRUs and shower of batons and tear gas and chemical water.



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