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31 十二月, 2006

Rationale to emphasize Sedition Act in forum moderation


Here the law that seriously undermine the United Nation Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Malaysia Constitution that guarantee freedom of expression, was emphasized as a need to tackle discriminative sentiment in forum discussion. We must be very well informed regarding the government authoritative media control and monitoring in Malaysia. I want to argue that unless we are much the type of hypocrites, there is not reason we can show tolerance, not to even mention raiseup support, to this law.

Sedition Act is superior to parliamentary immunity of Member of Parliament; Sedition Act was historically an effective killer used too many times by the government to supress public opinion and was put forward against critical of the government. Together with many other repressive act eg OSA, ISA, PPPA, POPO, Sedation Act is principally unjust law(legitimate though).

Here we emphasizing the sedition act to justify decision to remove rude, racial, hatred-provoke sentiment, is blatantly wrong.

Moderation is regretable part of forum based political discussion. Here should we focus on scrutinizing the rationale of forum moderation.

Before I come come to that, allow me to share few points about freedom. Freedom of expression is highly possible to surrender, to be subsided under repression. I argued that freedom of thought is something impossible to curtail even under Orwellian dystopia. I quote China's cultural revolution as objective evidence for the argument above.

A forumer have a point someone may give up he/her will to exercise such divine right. In my view, utterance that may punishable under Sedition Act, is essentially practicing freedom to exercises one's faculty. Here we had justified the Sedition Act to curb speech or sentiment with 'seditious tendency', without drawing clear demarcation line to define what sedition is about.

Since sedition is ill-defined, its legal uncertainty granted an lopehole to restrain freedom of expression vis-a-vis freedom of speech. This is particularly true when it comes to political discussion. The section 3 of the article, is vague and of full ambiguity, tempering the spirit of contemporary democracy. Thus it is to conclude that Sedition Act is of goner and it should. The Johannesburg principles deserve a place, as it had outlined and ilegitimate the Sedition Act. Last but not last, like Internal Security Act, Sedition Act once used by the West colonizer to neutralize communism. Eversince then it was transformed and effectively silent opposition political opinion.

Prohibition of discrimination can be achived without even mentioning the existance of Sedition Act in Malaysia history. Thus it is I am here to argue the unnecessarity to highlight Sedition Act in forum moderation. Furthermore you are not qualified to be bothered. You are simply too small a fish to catch. History tells us so, and yet we choose to surrender upon imaginative fear instilled via governement psychological warfare, to me is total sadness.

Deliberate discrimination can be succumbed, provided with enforcement of carefully drawn regulation. A typical example is this(in chinese). Internet does not operate in vacuum. So for those deliberately, or worse still unconciously, keep posting unconstructive poor-based sentiment, you ought to know your social responsibility and be law abiding.

Cheers and Happy New Year biggrin.gif

* re-edited for clarity.



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