l 科學頑童狂想曲: Oh Mr. POLICE!!



29 五月, 2006


10663 Instead of Mesra, Cepat & Betul kind of policeman, allow me to introduce the merciless, ruthless FRU riot police who forcefully broke up the peaceful demostration held yesterday at KLCC, Kuala Lumpur. Armed with batons and rifles, fully equiped riot police ruthlessly charged the common people, who gather around to protest agianst record-high fuel hike and newly 'reviewed' electric tariff. In order to rationalize government OWN decision (without the consent of the people), our government is in no hesitate to authorize and mobilize all government organ to propagandise the so called 'unavoidable fuel hike', to silence up public opinion and if necessary, suppress anything that works against the ONE-PARTY government. The use of excessive violence against peaceful gathering crowd like this one, is unsuprisingly an abuse of power by the police to zip up our lips.

The authority declared the demostration as illegal gathering so to make way for FRUs to break up the crowds, but one must read the supreme law of the Malaysia, as the article 10 of the Constitution of Malaysia clearly stated that ''all citizens have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms''. If our oppressed and higly monitored neighbour can still run a political rally consisting of 200k Singaporean without much interference (media censorship aside), I don't see a reason why must a multi-fold smaller crowd in BolehLand should not be allowed.

Is the Royal Malaysian Police PEOPLE's servant or jackal of the GOVERNMENT? I wanted to believe the former, perhaps rather not.

Some photos here, here,and here.



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